Remuneration Surveys

We produce remuneration reports, to cover Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

We are regarded as the pre-eminent local supplier of market intelligence on pay and benefit analysis and have an in-depth understanding of the local markets. No other survey provider can match this range and level of support, quality of information and strength of relationship in the market with their clients.

Remuneration Surveys

Staff Report

This report provides the largest source of remuneration information in the Crown Dependencies, with well over 14,000 jobs analysed from over 150 companies. It covers the finance industry as well as other sectors such as commercial and public utility.

This survey remains an important part of an organisation's decision making process by providing the detailed analysis on current market rates required to make informed, fair and consistent remuneration decisions for employees. This report is produced annually and covers Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Directors & Senior Managers Report

With data from over 800 senior level jobs, from more than 100 organisations in the Crown Dependencies, this report provides an insight into current market pay movements. This report is produced annually and covers Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Non-Executive Director Report (NED)

This report provides a valuable data source to assist boards in making informed decisions when appointing and reviewing their NED remuneration packages. This report is produced on a annual basis and combines data from Jersey and Guernsey.

Pay and Benefit Benchmarking Reports

We can provide further analysis into the survey data for participating clients. For example, comparing an organisation’s employees against the market data, refining data by segment and sector and preparing individual benchmarking reports looking at all aspects of an employee’s package. 

Bespoke Surveys

We undertake bespoke surveys that focus on particular parts of the employment market or specific parts of the remuneration package. These are commissioned by organisations that want specific data; the benefit for participants in these surveys is that they will receive and have the opportunity to share the data, usually at no cost to themselves.

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