HR Advisory


We are able to provide psychometric testing for new recruits or existing staff members. The psychometric test will provide an objective measurement of skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. This provision will enable you to be assured that you are placing the right people into the right positions to match their ability and to meet your company’s needs.

Staff Attitude Surveys

Obtaining an insight into how your staff perceive their position within your company is an essential component to achieving business success. To gain knowledge of your staff members understanding of the culture and function of your business can be essential in terms of identifying employee engagement, training and development needs, attitudes and perceptions. This information aids future succession planning and business success.


Recruiting the best people into the right roles is crucial for any business. We can organise the recruitment process including, advertising the role(s), organising and attending interviews, taking up references, drafting and sending out offer letters, job descriptions, contracts of employment and confidentiality agreements.


It goes without saying that as a business evolves so do the training needs of your employees to ensure that your business needs continue to be met. Vantage HBA can identify the training required to enhance knowledge, improve productivity and develop contribution to your organisation. We can help you put professional development plans in place and we also deliver a range of soft skills training that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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